Immersive tours

A new and interactive way to experience audio tours for iOS and Android.

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Magic check-in

Go to any of the BlueTour-ready museums or other venues and fire up the app to check in. All you have to do is be there.

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A tour guide in your pocket

Enjoy a hands-free experience with Guided tours. Put away your phone and focus on the here and now.

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Classic mode

Use the traditional numbers or QR codes to show more information about something on your own device.

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Translations that work

Experience tours to their fullest potential by listening to them in your native language.

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On water

Go on a canal cruise or boat tour and enjoy a hands-free experience. Take in the environment and just, listen.

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On land

Enjoy outdoor festivals or cities that have a lot to say. Walk around freely and explore.

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One app, many tours

BlueTour's mission is to make every experience count. We want to make tours enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

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For companies

We've carefully crafted a range of features to help deliver the experience your visitors deserve. Let's talk!

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